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Tale of two graphs

My dad would have loved this..
My son was super fascinated by it..
What do you think?


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The Silent Manager

"Sometimes I feel like a fraud", he said.

My friend and I were talking about our jobs when he made this revelation. I assumed he, like many others I know, was about to talk about Imposter Syndrome. But I was wrong. He felt he was a fraud because he would go to a lot of meetings where he had nothing to add. His team would get together, he would join, sit there, watch the action, and the meeting would get over. Time for the next meeting. And he felt was he was being overpaid to do this.

Was he getting overpaid? Or was he doing what he was expected to do, and it's the vocal, take charge, participatory managers that are wrong?

Managers get paid for opinions and for decisions. At the lowest level of management those decisions and opinions relate to execution and delivery. At the highest level of management they are about bets and investments. But thats what managers do. And thats what they get paid for. To make decisions, express opinions, and set up incentives and controls …